Mediatek MT6235 status (Sciphone G2)

Harald Welte laforge at
Fri Feb 18 10:22:06 UTC 2011


I can only second the other people who have commented: Congratulations
on your great work!

It's good to see that you have still been on track.  I was already starting
to wonder after the comparatively long period of silence.

Unfortunately I still haven't had much time to work on the GSM side of the
MTK chipset - though I've spent some 2 days and think I have a farily good
understanding of the architecture and the required drivers for the analog/RF

The biggest unknown part so far is the ARM/DSP shared memory interface, and
the "API" (rather an ABI) that is used to exchange information on it.

I have done some initial research, but given my high workload with other
(interesting + paid) GSM protocol R&D related work, I still cannot make
any promises when we'll actually see some progress here.

If anyone else feels interested to dive into it, feel free to do so.
Especially the RF transceiver driver, TDMA timer driver, etc. should all
be possible to develop right now based on the documentation that is available.

Those of you with a Racal 6103 or similar device should also be able to take
measurements and test the drivers, i.e. whether it tunes to the right Tx
frequency, whether the TDMA timer are firing at the right point in time (power
ramp up/ramp down, ...)

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