suggesting new mailing lists for osmocombb

Hagen Fritsch fritsch+osmocom-baseband at
Tue Feb 15 08:01:19 UTC 2011

Personally, I think a web-based forum is more appropriate for
user-discussions such as build problems or supported hardware. It also
facilitates searching, information grouping and adminstration (moving
threads) and makes spam-control easier. (+ one doesn't have to subscribe
just to be up-to-date).

That was just an idea, but then again I don’t really want to start a
discussion on mailinglist vs forums. Therefore a summary of arguments is
found for example here:


On 15.02.2011 08:10, Sébastien Lorquet wrote:
> Well..
> Even if, as Harald said, the list's volume is still low and we're free
> not to answer to newcomers, that's still a great temptation.
> And on top of that, if "useful" threads get hijacked...
> every time I see new conversations in this gmail label, I ask myself
> whether this is a newcomer trying to compile the wrong git branch, or a
> real information about osmocom-bb.
> Any feelings about that?
> Sebastien

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