suggesting new mailing lists for osmocombb

Aaron Zauner azet at
Tue Feb 15 00:39:30 UTC 2011

i hab no problem compiling the source after reading the documentation
carefully and the content
of the --help parameters of the various programs. also: the
distribution should not matter.

this is a perfect example, by the way. and, i've got the mail about
the newcomer list, is there a
posibility to moderate/filter the mailing list. after the 27c3 talk
about wideband gsm sniffing, it seems
traffic got quite up a bit and people who have no idea of what they
are doing are trying to "reverse
engineer" the presented python scripts. maybe just a feeling, but i
got interested in both the development,
and of course a bit because of the sniffing talk, but developing an
GSM stack on cheap cell phones is just
a great idea, respect to the developers, by the way for the code so far.

so long

On Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 1:31 AM, Pedro Collado <edrocoyote at> wrote:
> serious convenient that somebody put in the web the result of ago dpkg -l
> I try to compile for 3 weeks: IMPOSSIBLE
> I proved Debian 5.08 6.0 Ubuntu 10.10 Arch etc
> thank you
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> Subject: suggesting new mailing lists for osmocombb
>> hi,
>> as there has been much spam ongoing and countless discussions of
>> build-problems from users
>> who didnt read the (not quite so good) documentation. i am suggesting a new
>> mailing list for new-
>> comers, buildproblems and so on. i am a bit frustrated over reading
>> countless threads that have
>> nothing to do with actual development.
>> just a suggestion.
>> so long
>> azet
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>> "I have no certainties, at most probabilities." -- Renato Caccioppoli

"I have no certainties, at most probabilities." -- Renato Caccioppoli

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