mt6516 / Android / GPL violation

André andre at
Mon Feb 14 09:19:29 UTC 2011

Hi Marius,

To my best knowledge, Mediatek's SDK for MT6516 is based around Android. 
Therefore, I guess, virtually all phones with this chip will run Android 
as shipped from factory, and it turn, that means, that good chunk of 
code is GPL. In theory, this means, that getting source code is 
enforceable. Anybody familiar enough with to 
submit this case there?


On 13/02/11 22:05, Marius Cirsta wrote:
>   Hi
> Does anyone have any info on Mediatek MT6516 ? I'd like to take a look
> at a datasheet if possible and I also know Android had been ported to
> it. Any chance of some open source code being released by Mediatek ?
> Thanks.

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