Pirelli DP-L10 support for burst_ind

Mad mad at auth.se
Sun Feb 13 19:55:45 UTC 2011

 Hi Sylvain, hi Steve, hi list!

 I did some kind of backport of Pirelli DP-L10 support for the
 burst_ind branch, patch attached.
 Remember that after applying you still have to swap the UARTs
 as mentioned in the wiki to maintain compatibility with the
 usual configuration in compal phones.

 The convenient thing with using the Pirelli with burst_ind is
 that it works out-of-the-box at high serial speed using its
 standard usb cable (without 2.5 jack to serial to ftdi-usb

 But there is one issue I came across with layer23, after a
 short time of normal operation when returning from DCH to CCH
 it just gets stuck.
 The FBSB request returns 255 as result so I guess the fw was
 not able to resyncronize. When a new request is made by
 restarting layer23, it works again for some time.

 Perhaps it has something to do with the used calibration
 values like SYSTEM_INHERENT_GAIN for the gain control etc.
 which could be different with the Pirelli layout?

 BTW, Sylvain, will there be an integration of burst_ind
 functionality into the master branch at some time, do you
 have some plan for this?

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