gpsd support

Dario Lombardo dario.lombardo at
Thu Feb 10 08:41:06 UTC 2011

On 02/09/2011 08:32 PM, Sylvain Munaut wrote:
>> I would like to suggest not making it a compile time option but a
>> runtime option.  This would get rid of the #ifdefs and be much more
>> elegant.  You simply configure in the config file if you want to use
>> gpsd or the raw device...
> Well, it would be annoying to _have_to_ install gpsd just to compile
> cell_log ...
Yes. That's why I used defines. If you all give me a definitive answer I 
can modify the patch in order to fulfil the needs.
My opinion is that if someone doesn't have gps or doesn't want to use 
gpsd, the libgps dependency would be bad.
> However, having gpsd shouldn't prevent device access if supported,
> just add new functions.
> A few comments on the patch itself:
>   - I would split the rename and adding the gpsd in two patches
ok, I can do it.
>   - You erroneously activated TX in your patch ...
>   - You add whitespaces at the end of some lines.
> (it's always a good idea to reread the patch you post. :)
You are right :), but I sent it for commenting. When sending the 
definitive I will do all the needed checks.

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