Hello, Fonts and a LCDgui (plain text)

Rade Girel rade.girel at web.de
Tue Feb 8 08:08:40 UTC 2011

Hello Christian,

On Mon, 07 Feb 2011 21:16:08 +0100
"Christian Vogel" <vogelchr at vogel.cx> wrote:

> Hello Rade,
> > It seems like there have not been any follow ups on proportional
> > fonts and the remaining ascii characters as well as the possibility
> > to view different sizes of fonts on the screen.
> There has been a followup on 2010-10-11, which is
> http://lists.osmocom.org/pipermail/baseband-devel/2010-October/000665.html
This looks great! Shame on me for missing this. Ill dedicate my next
weekenend to getting into this.

Id like to rephrase my previous post regarding followup on the ui to:
 There has been a lot of progress on the GUI and fonts.

> This will give you a pixel-addressable framebuffer on the C123 and
> C155, with a choice of fonts to choose from and can draw lines and
> boxes.

Just perfect! Cant wait to make those pixels talk. Ill try to get
a c155 phone at the fleamarkets to also have a color lcd device for

> Unfortunately this is not too useful these days, because the stack  
> currently
> runs separated into layer1 (on the phone) and mobile (on the host
> pc), so that the indication of the loaded firmware is more or less
> sufficient.

Thats true, but i for myself hope that one day the layer23 code is
moved into the phone. At that time i would really like to have a
tested, accepted in short usable UI on th osmocomBB compal phones.

> Furthermore, the "nicer" fonts need quite a lot of memory, and most
> people still
> run the firmware from RAM, so memory is a scarce resource, for little
> gain. (in Flash the fonts wouldn't really

Well this for shure will not be the case anymore if layer23 is running
on the arm7tdmi. Until now i too have not written a single bit to
the flash of the phone because of my fear of bricking it but i guess
i will get over it soon since as far as i understand, besides removing
the bootloader and therefore making the device inaccessable, not much
bad can happen.

> But I also think that some kind of user-amusement wouldn't be that
> bad, so please
> feel free to elaborate on what I've done last year.
Hopefully i didnt underestimate the task too much and am able to
contribute a bit osmocomBB.

Thanks for the great work!

Best wishes,

> Greetings,
>          Chris

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