GsmMap without GPS

Bogdan Alecu b.alecu at
Mon Feb 7 06:20:14 UTC 2011

Hi all,

Harald - I will put the sourcecode later on today. The reason I didn't was because the code it's not so clean and good - but it works.
Martynas - my phone remain stationary and in fact I have over 40 cells (from other networks too). I don't find it to be a lot. About the precision, Google returned "accuracy":3875.0" which is surprisingly true. I was about 3-4km  away from the final coordinates. Maybe I'll modify the code to give the position for each cell it finds.
Tomas - No proprietary libraries, the code will be here in the evening. It's not so professional done, but considering that it took me somewhere around 30 minutes, I'm good with it.


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