GRPS decode - trying to download firmware to C123

smithmr103 at smithmr103 at
Tue Aug 30 21:40:13 UTC 2011

Hello Harald and Lukas,

In my opinion regarding non-standard speed, PL2303 based cable should
never succeed to load code into calypso ram...
The wiki says that for some branch and/or firmwares it works, I don't
understand how it can happen.

btw with my pl2303 cable what branch / firmware do i have to use for
loading a GSM layer1 into my C123... with succeed?

Ps. I bought a RS232 / Jack adaptator. I wait for it... (I already have
a FTDI RS232 / USB cable) - If i have a little time I can braze a jack
on the RS232 as explained on the wiki

Sorry for my late answer and thank you both for your help.
I didn't had time to work on my problem :(
(right now I have trouble with my soft raid 10 in dual boot who drives
me crazy!)

Le 29/08/2011 09:23, Harald Welte a écrit :
> On Mon, Aug 29, 2011 at 01:55:59AM +0200, Lukas Kuzmiak wrote:
>> If I'm not mistaken pl2303 based cables have/had problems handling baudrates
>> above 115200, there was a recent update into the kernel tree, but I've never
>> tested it.
> the problem is not "[standard] baud rates above 115200" but it is
> "non-standard baud-rates at all".  Normal USARTs have baud-rate
> generators that can only generate baud-rates "input_clock / divider"
> where divider is either an integer, or even more: limited to a power of 2
> The calypso cannot do any standard baud-rates above 115200.  That's why
> you need a USART with more flexible baud rate generator.  The most
> commonly known one to do this is the FTDI series of USB-serial
> converters.

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