Issue with GSM1800/1900

Andreas Eversberg andreas at
Thu Aug 4 17:34:38 UTC 2011

Dieter Spaar wrote:
> The reason for the the wrong power capability comes from the fact that
> "rr->cd_now" is not yet set and so the ARFCN is 0 which causes the
> GSM900 power capability to be used. It is set to "Class 4" in the
> configuration file per default, however this value is not defined for
> GSM1800/1900.
thanx dieter!

i just pushed it to the master.

i also fixed the imsi-detach case, when it is initiated in idle mode. in
case the connection is establised, i will use the cd_now.arfcn value,
because a handover (not implemented yet) may changed the cannel to a
different band than the one the phone selected in idle mode.

best regards,


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