libosmocore viterbi decoder

mad mad at
Thu Apr 28 19:07:11 UTC 2011

Hi Sylvain, hi list!

Like I said I would try to, here are my computed convolution tables for all eight AFS modes.

Unfortunately I'm not _that_ confident that I didn't made some mistakes in writing the generator and exactly implementing the specs.

First test calculations by hand look good, though I'd rather like to verify the tables but didn't found any test vectors yet.

If you or someone had some known test data at hand, that would be useful. 
Otherwise feel free to check it by yourself and integrate it in libosmocore.

> Yes indeed I'll try that.
> I'm not sure it's gonna be a lot faster (due to the added test), but
> it would avoid having a non-0 accumulated error.

What I meant was performance not in terms of speed but in terms of decoding quality. 
As you wrote not to have error added where is none. It should improve correct decoding of weak signals by some slight degree.

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