Wavetek 4201s - GSM Test Set

Luca Bongiorni luca.bongiorni1 at studenti.unimi.it
Mon Apr 25 10:02:17 UTC 2011

Hi all,

i'm selling my Wavetek 4201s.

Unfortunately some days ago i was upgrading the firmware and the power went down.

Now it stucks at initializing process.


As you can see was fully working and i used it to make tests with osmocomBB and airprobe.



As i guess, is possible to repair the corrupted firmware through serial or an internal jtag, unfortunately i have no time to do it and i'm buying another one.

I bought it, 3 months ago, fully calibrated and working. (payed 750 €).

About the price i thought around 250 euro (because is only a software problem and on ebay is still around 1500 €).

About the shipping… will be signed-for (from 4 to 7 days Worldwide), around 30 €.

About the payment: Paypal (i'll value other ways, if suggested).

What is included:
- Wavetek 4201s
- Power cable (EU)
- Serial Cable
- Coupler Antenna R&S CMD-z10 (see here: http://tinyurl.com/3fxf4t8 )
- Manual (IT)
- Firmware upgrades by email

If someone is interested, please contact me.

Thank you for attention


Luca Bongiorni

P.S: I apologize for the spam, but i thought that here is the right place to find people with enough skills, time and few money to repair and use it, instead to leave him on the desk and accumulating dust.

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