Osmocom + Freerunner compilation issue

Pierre Pronchery khorben at defora.org
Sat Apr 23 15:21:00 UTC 2011


On 22/04/2011 16:07, zredlined wrote:
> I have been trying to compile the latest osmocom-bb build target binaries
> directly on my Freerunner, which is running Om2008.8.
> [...]
> A google search for "implicit declaration of function 'perror'" made it look
> like I am missing header declarations included in the "build-essential"
> packages, but this package does not exist for Om2008.8. I have included my
> config.log. Any ideas what I am missing?

my suggestion would be that you use a distribution that's still actively
maintained, and meant to be used for development.

Debian is probably the way to go, either via DebianOnFreerunner:

or via hackable:1:


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