Transmitting voice with Osmocom

mad mad at
Thu Apr 28 13:49:54 UTC 2011

> A firm  from Turkey called Aselsan succeeded  to make encrypted conversation
> over GSM. It transfers the voice data  (1.2 kbit/s ) with Synthetic
> Voice Modulator technology.

Looks promising, but 1.2k and even 2.4k are _very_ low bitrates for voice transmission. Quality will be accordingly bad, probably enough for military purposes where people are trained to communicate reliable over a weak communication link by talking procedures. The 1.2k codec might be about comparable to LPC-10 at 2.4k (a guess, never testet SB-LPC) which sounds quite bad, a very artifically sounding voice not really suitable for everydays conversations.

None the less it's a very interesting possibility being able to transmit data over voice channels, this should be researched as with the traffic-branches we now have the right tools at hand.



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