RFC: RTOS for Calypso

Nordin bouchtaoui at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 08:35:15 UTC 2011

  If you're looking for a suitable RTOS, I advise you to also give a 
look at freertos.org. It already runs on a lot of microcontrollers with 
different architectures. It's worth looking at.

On 20-4-2011 9:13, Harald Welte wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 20, 2011 at 12:23:55AM +0200, Drasko DRASKOVIC wrote:
>> On Tue, Apr 19, 2011 at 4:59 PM, Alan Carvalho de Assis
>> <acassis at gmail.com>  wrote:
>>> I think we could consider NuttX as well:
>>> http://nuttx.sourceforge.net
>>> This RTOS implements POSIX APIs and have many features "inherited" from Linux.
>>> It is completely reconfigurable to fit small foot-print microcontrollers.
>> Hi Alan,
>> I agree on this one also. I took a look at this OS some time ago,
>> seems like really well done code.
> nuttx seems quite interesting, I'm reviewing the source code at the moment.

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