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Hi wgb_1000,
I am pasting to this email an example of the mobile config file, anyway if you have problem starting the mobile applicationbecause the file does not exist, just create an empty one. Afterwards, you can save the config file via telnet with the command write.Let's say you want the sim mode to be reader by default, you can type the command 'sim reader' and then the command 'write' and next time you run the mobile application the sim mode will be reader.
Anyway Iam just a beginner, so I hope anyone more expert will correct me if I misunderstood.

! OsmocomBB () configuration saved from vty
line vty
 no login
gps device /dev/ttyACM0
gps baudrate default
no gps enable
ms 1
 layer2-socket /tmp/osmocom_l2
 sap-socket /tmp/osmocom_sap
 sim none
 network-selection-mode auto
 imei 000000000000000 0
 no emergency-imsi
 no call-waiting
 no auto-answer
 no clip
 no clir
 tx-power auto
 no simulated-delay
 no stick
 codec full-speed prefer
 codec half-speed
 no abbrev

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Ogg: mobile application config file

I haven't found it documented anywhere, what's the config file for mobile application suppose to contain? It contains commands that you could also send by telnet to the application?

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