R: Re: online shop for usb T191 cable (and more links)

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Wed Apr 13 08:21:40 UTC 2011


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>Ogg: Re: online shop for usb T191 cable
>Hello. Can you check the chipset being used? Is it based on FTDI or Prolific?
>I have lots of Prolific cables.. but I need FTDI based cables because it's
>the only way where we can run non-standard baud rates.

The usb to earphone jack one is prolific, I did not buy the other one so i 
don't know
you can try to ask them.

Anyway I have other links for you to try:
you could be lucky with one of them but in each case you will need to contact 
May be this link can be added to the wiki, if someone can confirm they are 
good ones

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