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Mon Apr 4 12:06:41 UTC 2011

On Sun, Apr 03, 2011 at 11:50:53PM -0700, eisencah eisenach wrote:
> I'm having this question about NCC allocation. Is this unique for an operator
> inside a country?  And how it goes if you travel abroad ? (Will the phone
> look for a network with the same NCC at the begining?)

NCC allocation is typically done by the regulatory authority within the country.

If you have less than 8 operators, it is likely they will assign one NCC to
each operator, in addition to the MNC.  If there are more operators, it would
make sense to have an even distribution ov the NCC values among the operators.

NCC is only used when detecting SYNC Bursts (SB), as soon as the phone decodes
the BCCH, it will know the MCC/MNC and ignore it, if it's not the network it
has been looking for.

> After that it will look at sysinfo and the other stuff but I was wondering
> how it goes at power up?

TS 03.22 specifies events at cell selection / cell reselection

> Thanks.

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