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Sun Apr 3 13:56:07 UTC 2011


> In its current stage osmocom makes full use of CCCH-CONF and  
> BS-AG-BLK_RES fields of CCCH description?

Only CCCH-CONF 0 & 1 are supported right now. (Never even seen a network  
using something else).

Since DRX isn't supported right now, we don't really care about  
BS-AG-BLK_RES so far.

> If a block is reserved for access grant it won't be used on paging?

That's what the specs says but it's not the phone making that decision,  
it's the BTS.
AFAIK, we don't "check" if the paging/access grant came in the right slots,  
if we received it, we process it.

> Is there anyway of calling "gsm48_sysinfo_dump" to print on the console?

Use wireshark ... really much better.


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