850Mhz support

Hugo Fortier hfortier at recon.cx
Sat Oct 30 06:34:08 UTC 2010

 Hi everyone,

I am fairly new to OsmocomBB. Been in North America I acquired a
C118(850Mhz/1900Mhz version of the C123) and a C156(850Mhz / 1900mhz
version of the C155) but from what I understand at this point is that
only 900Mhz and 1800Mhz are supported.

I am trying to figure out what modification I need to do in order to
implement North American support for OsmocomBB, do I need to modify the
firmware or do I only need to modify the host application? Any pointer
would be greatly appreciated. I tried to modify the host application but
I didn't had any success so far...

Also I am trying to acquire a C123 and I find it quite difficult to find
in North America, anyone know where I could acquire it from? I have look
online but I could only find it on https://www.samstores.com/ and it
seem a bit pricey and I have no idea if this store is trust worthy. I am
also interested to acquire a BTS for OpenBSC(I currently have OpenBTS
running on my USRP) so if you have any pointer on how I could acquire
one, let me know.



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