LAPDm bug: How to exit LAPDm_STATE_TIMER_RECOV state

Marten Christophe technosabby at
Sun Oct 24 19:20:50 UTC 2010

Hello Sylvain,

Thanks, for all your support,

as you told me in your last reply, if i use layer23  -a arfcn , then it will
, automatic tune to first immediate assignment command and follow to it
until assignment command and tune to TCH/f  for that particular immediate
assignment command.

but when i doing so , it is chasing up to SDCCH , and after this it is
started  to dropping frames .. and not getting tune  to any TCH/F

though there is no encryption being used. A5/0, i have seen , no ciphering.
in traces.
Dropping frame with 59 bit errors
<000b> l1ctl.c:166 Dropping frame with 59 bit errors
<000b> l1ctl.c:155 SDCCH/8(0) on TS1 (1796/14/32) -62 dBm:
SACCH queue
SDCCH queue
SDCCH queue
SACCH queue
kindly confirm with  layer1.compalram.bin , if i will be able to listen
TCH/F assign to some other MS ,

i have tried  all other branches  like Sylvain/voice, Sylvain/testing. but
none of successful.

Kind Regards,
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