Removing the C123 RX filter

Steve Markgraf steve at
Wed Oct 13 22:17:19 UTC 2010

On 14.10.2010 00:02, Peter Stuge wrote:
> Nice writeup!


> Going at the shielding with a Dremel is a bit rough for my taste. I
> might have tried to use something like Chip Quik to desolder it.

I have removed some of those shieldings with a small caliper. The trick 
is to use the round holes and to seize the metal there. Then rotate the 
caliper and pull off stripes of metal like with a can opener. You just 
have to be careful on the soldered edges, since you can accidentially 
pull some copper off the top layer. With a little bit of wiggling the 
shielding will come off nicely.


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