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Sat Oct 16 16:53:08 UTC 2010

Hello to everyone.

Against all advices I've started to try porting some of the code to windows (rainy day today, nothing much to do) . 
So I've started with the osmocom program. 
Cannot figure out where sercomm_drv_pull is defined. I suppose it is defined in sercomm.h but I cannot find any references to it.  Some small hint? 


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Hello Peter,

On Thu, 7 Oct 2010 13:24:50 +0200, "Peter Stuge" <peter at stuge.se> wrote:
> In practise it can be negligeable, just another DLL, but it isn't
> Windowsy, and for someone who wants Windowsy, Cygwin isn't a really
> good answer. (But it can save plenty of time instead!)

Exactly, saving time is the point. A software developer, regardless of
coming from Windows or Linux should have no problem to understand
OpenBSC/OsmocomBB/Airprobe from the OS or C language perspective (I
don't talk about GSM specific things, this is something else). I want
to use those project and develop for them and not waste my time with
things like adopting C language specific issues.

> OpenVPN has one, it's signed too.

I know, but you have to use the TUN device differently than on Linux,
so some adjustments are necessary (besides not knowing if Windows will
do proper NAT with the IP traffic from the phone). So I run OpenBSC in
a VM if I need GPRS support instead spending time on issues I don't
care if I want to use this software or develop for it.

> Cool, that's proof that Cygwin is pretty good stuff. It doesn't say
> almost anything about how these projects run on Windows though.

They work for me, I want to use them and I want to develop for them
and so far I could do all I want. Of course this is something else
if you for example want to run OpenBSC in a production environment
with lots of BTSs. A native Windows port is surely possible, but
for me I don't see any benefits besides wasting time. Of course if
someone want to sponsor a native port, why not, than at least the
time for this effort is paid ;-)

> That isn't neccessarily a bad thing at all, evolving the project
> internally or the featureset or whatever can be much more important
> than adapting the project to work "on" more operating systems.

I don't have the impression that more people would work on those
GSM related projects if they would directly run on Windows. I think
the main obstacle is that you need to know quite a lot of GSM
to make use of them. And if you are able to learn and understand the
GSM related stuff, using Windows and/or Linux should be no problem
at all for you ;-)

Best regards,
Dieter Spaar, Germany                           spaar at mirider.augusta.de

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