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Hello Mr. Nordin,

So nice of you, thanks  it worked perfectly.

End Mr. Dieter ,
 Thank you alot

No need to tell me about MOC and MTC ,i searched internet and got plenty of

well, i let me introduce you all my work here , i'm assosiated with a NGO,
who works for  education of poor children specially
located to very remote sites of the devloping or under develop poor

and students, have travel long distance for there schooling , you wont
belive that some of the villages are on mountain, end even
childrens have  cross rivers tgrogh rope , hanging on a spin roller , can
you imagin the situation.

most of the student give up their education.
My future plans are :
Hence a top Tecchnelogical and Engineering instititute and a Local top IT
and computer manafaturing company
along with my NGO, are developing a $10 note book computer, just for
edcational purpose , and will be distributed them for free .(60% bearing the
local govt.) these notebooks will be install with their 6 moth curricular(
one semester or term) all course material will be pre-installed.
the fedaral goverments will also be helping in this purpose. who will
 ask local telecommunication athourities , to provide us,at least one ARFCN
, without licensing fee,

but there is no intrastucture for internet and in some villages no PSTN or
mobile network available

My planning  here is to setup a  USRP1( i have to write Matt Ettus to
provide it on concessional price , cause it is for charity)  based BTS , at
each visnity of a village, which might  cover near by villages also.

I know, Timing Advance and power control will challenge for me, but i'll
overcome the same , as far as RX part is concerned ,
it wont be a huge problem because one village is less then 1 KM redious , if
USRP BTS installed in center.

will install compal based hardware, within, notebook, pre-tuned it to a fix
Time slot (TS), most of the traffic will be from BTS to MS , we will left
only one or 2 TX slot , and will be share amoung all the students in token
ring fashion  ( let say there is 15 students are in one visnity if any on
student want to ask any question to their remote teachers (mostly
volunteers, or Govt add) located in NGO'S head office)

all USRP's backbone pipe/link will be interconnected through RF links ( a
Israel based company have very cheap solution for small bandwidth RF
connectivity ) finally this backbone pipe/link will terminate at  nearest
city or place where Internet facility is available. and all the traffic will
be routed to NGO's head quarter.

so for this we need only 64 KB max bandwidth. that we can afford.

thats it , by this we are able to provide secondary education even children
are at their home.
at first we thout to install a IP DSLAM but the price  and copper cost (to
provide line to each student is so high and out of budget)

in future i can enable GPRS functionality of compal and might able to
provide Internet access too, to them  but we have to put higher bandwidth
Backbone , so its not in my list now.

Wish  me luck.
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