noisy cable?

Christian Vogel vogelchr at
Mon Mar 29 11:27:31 UTC 2010

Hi everyone,

Willem wrote:
> i managed to get hello_world working on my c121, connected through a
> pl2303 usb/serial cable to my macbookpro.
> but found that the connection is extremely noisy.
> often the movement of me putting down the phone on the table is enough
> to break the upload.
> is that a common problem with these headphone/serial cable plugs?

My question to the more experienced Calypso hackers (Harald?):

How reliable are your uploads, do they work at the first attempt all  
the time, or should we expect some intermittent errors? How many?

I'm using a self-made cable consisting of a known good FT232R  
converter @ 3.3V and a cut off headset cable (that also worked  
flawlessly without any noise on another mobile phone before). My C123  
also looks pristine. I manage to upload and run hello world  
successfully in maybe one out of ten attempts, often have to remove  
the battery because the phone just gets stuck. So I have ordered a new  
cable from Akku-King as suggested on the Wiki.


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