AW: layer3 work / issues

Andreas.Eversberg Andreas.Eversberg at
Mon Mar 29 11:39:21 UTC 2010

hi harald,

>> must random value in chan_request change on every resend or only on
>> every RR establishment? (currently it changes on every RR
>> establishment only.)
>as far as I know, it has to change on every retransmission.  Dieter is
>probably the person who knows all RACH aspects in detail, maybe he can
>comment on this.

from the specs it is quite clear that every access burst has different
random number when resending. but how does the network know if the burst
is from the same phone but retransmitted? in case of poor uplink many
bursts may be resent. will the network allocate a channel for every
burst received and waits for timeout? (if this is the case, emergency
calls could quickly 'evacuate' the cell.)

>> OpenBSC: if tx-msg fails during process, the msg must be freed to
>> avoid memory leak.
>I don't understand, can you please explain this further?

it is something to remind me that there are memory leak problems. in
some functions of gsm_04_08.c there are messages allocated at the
beginning and sent at the end. sometimes during processing, the function
returns due to error conditions, but the message is not freed before
return. i will check that later together with my new code.

as far as i can see right now, it just happens in gsm48_cc_tx_setup().



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