Regarding the cable from Dealextreme

Christian Vogel vogelchr at
Thu Mar 18 07:34:18 UTC 2010

Hi Dieter,

Zitat von Dieter Spaar <spaar at>:
> your own level-converter, you can for example use the MAX232 IC. The
> MAX232 is for TTL level (0V and 5V), I think there is a variant for
> 3.2V available, however I am not 100% sure.

Maxim alone has about a dozen variations of the MAX232 (max3232 for 3v3, e.g).

It's much easier to directly go from USB to TTL/3v3 serial ports, the  
basic breakout boards from Sparkfun (e.g. seem to be fine  
and sell for ?12. Haven't used them on a C123-phone, though.


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