C139: get ftmtoolerror from ramloader

Harald Welte laforge at gnumonks.org
Sat Mar 20 05:17:09 UTC 2010

Hi Dieter, Erik and others,

On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 12:11:43PM +0000, Dieter Spaar wrote:
> On Fri, 19 Mar 2010 09:51:48 +0100, "Erik Ekman" <yarrick at kryo.se> wrote:
> > 
> > Yes. Mine has special US Tracfone firmware which seems to have a
> > particularly evil unlock scheme. Cutting one of the balls in the BGA
> > seems the way to do it..
> I had a quick look at the bootloader from a dumped Tracfone C139
> firmware. Its nearly the same the Osmocom loader supports, however
> this special bootloader checks a flag in flash memory to decide wether
> to allow RAM download or not. If it is disabled, only the FTMTOOL
> check is done and no RAM download at the boot stage is possible.

ok. So my recommendation for anyone wanting to support those phones then
is to look at the non-bootloader downloading capabilities.  The initial
handshake seems to be to respond with "yes" to the ftmtool query.
Howver, I have never tried to figure out what kind of commands are
supported after nucleus has booted on the phone.

I personally can say that I'm happy with simply ignoring that special
firmware variant.  There are plenty of 'normal' compal phones out there
that we support... let's rather focus on completing the software and
porting to phones where its easy (e.g. Openmoko).

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