Sagem Phones (was Re: jtag voltage)

Harald Welte laforge at
Thu Mar 18 00:16:52 UTC 2010

Hi Steve,

On Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 05:00:54PM +0100, Steve Markgraf wrote:
> For figuring out more commands and flash access of these Sagem
> phones (maybe this will work on the C155 too), I'll build the clone
> of a Sagem JTAG Unlocker for Calypso phones next week.
> There are a few around, and for some you can even find schematics
> and hex-files. The one I'll build is based on an ATMega32, connects
> to the parallel port, and the software also supports "dump flash"
> and "write flash" beneath obviously, but uninteresting for us,
> "unlock".
> Since these Calypso-based Sagem phones have no serial bootloader,
> the "unlockers" always depended on JTAG for accessing the flash, so
> my approach is to find out more about the Calypso JTAG with either
> sniffing or disassembling one of those Sagem JTAG Unlockers.

I'm quite sure they simply use bit-banging and regular JTAG EXTEST to
create read and write cycles on the address + data bus.  That is nice
for flashing / unbricking, but it's not nearly quite as nice (for
software development) as to get access to the ARM7TDMI EmbeddedICE block
(e.g. with OpenOCD) to halt the CPU at any time, dump the registers,
single step through code, etc.

> Since most of these Sagem phones (e.g. the my201x and myx2-2) don't
> use Rita as GSM transceiver, but just like the newer Motorola Compal
> models (W220 and C161) a Silicon Laboratories Si4210 Aero II (for
> which register-level documentation is available), it would be nice
> to have a driver for this at some later point.

sure, if the documentation is available it should not be muhc of a

> These Sagem phones (in particular the myx-1) are still highly
> available on different marketplaces.

please note that at least some of the sagem phones (particularly the
myx101) exist in two versions (with the same marketing name), old models
with Calpso and newer models with LoCosto.

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