C155 status

Steve Markgraf steve at steve-m.de
Thu Mar 11 21:26:58 UTC 2010


Harald Welte wrote:

> I've never tested the C155 images after merging the LCD drivers, so that
> might be a candidate to check for.  Another suggestion is the
> introduction of multi-device builds (i.e. that we build compal_e88 and
> compal_e99 separately).
> Hope this will point you in the right direction to identify the cause.

This problem was caused since the apps tried to write to the C123 
display, and the display driver couldn't access I2C properly since it 
had been initialized as UWire on the C155 after we introduced separate 
images for the boards.

I have implemented a simple layer for abstracting the display drivers on 
both targets, which you can find in my /pending branch.

Putting a string on the display now works on both targets with 

The latest commit in my branch is adding a chip-select for the display 
which is tested on the C155 and the J100i.


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