Calypso DSP reverse engineering front ...

Harald Welte laforge at
Thu Mar 11 20:21:23 UTC 2010

Hi Sylvain,

thanks for your status update.

I would be interested in playing with your IDA work, but I'm currently
really on holidays and try to stay away from getting involved in even
more aspects of the project.  So I'll check your currenv version in

With regard to patches: I thought there were some non-context variants
of diff.  In that case, even a diff does not include original code
before you patched it.

Those diffs are very flaky to apply and don't work if you have any local
modifications, of course.  But assuming everyone got the same source to
the plugin in the IDA SDK, it should work.

Also, as dieter has indicated, he knows Hexrays well and I think it
should be no problem to get your modifications merged in the next IDA
release and/or published somewhere on their website.

- Harald Welte <laforge at> 
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