building firmware

chekov chekov at
Wed Mar 10 20:52:35 UTC 2010

it looks like it can't build some .o-files because of a missing
there is an select.h located at:

but i don't know if they are the same.

Steve Markgraf wrote:
> There really seems to be something wrong with master, on a fresh
> checkout I get this:
> mkdir shared/libosmocore/build-target
> cd shared/libosmocore/build-target && ../configure \
>             --host=arm-elf-linux --disable-shared --disable-talloc
> `<snip>/devel/osmocom-bb/src/shared/libosmocore/build-target':
> configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables
> See `config.log' for more details.
> make: *** [shared/libosmocore/build-target/Makefile] Fehler 77

here are some lines from config.log:

| #include <execinfo.h>
configure:11502: result: no
configure:11530: checking for execinfo.h
configure:11539: result: no
configure:11424: checking sys/select.h usability
configure:11441: arm-elf-gcc -c -Os -ffunction-sections
-I../../../../target/firmware/include  conftest.c >&5
conftest.c:53:24: error: sys/select.h: No such file or directory
configure:11448: $? = 1
configure: failed program was:
| /* confdefs.h.  */

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