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Sun Mar 14 16:18:01 UTC 2010

Hi Andreas,

soryr for the delayed response, I am on holidays after all ;)

On Wed, Mar 10, 2010 at 07:35:06PM +0100, Andreas.Eversberg wrote:
> sometimes l3 message headers includes protocol header: see struct
> gsm48_imm_ass
> and sometimes it is just the information element part: see struct
> gsm48_loc_upd_req

yes, this is inconsistent and it should be avoided.

> since i work with layer 3 messages, i need a uniform way to define these
> headers. i will add new headers for messages i implement to gsm_04_08.h.
> therefore i need a decision. i prefer that the headers (like
> gsm48_imm_ass or gsm48_loc_upd_req) consists of the information elements
> parts only. 

I agree.  Are you willing to create/test/submit patches for libosmocore
and openbsc? I'm happy to merge them.

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