OsmocomBB update summary

Harald Welte laforge at gnumonks.org
Sun Mar 7 20:07:31 UTC 2010


Today, there have been quite a number of possibly intrusive changes in
the repository.  A quick summary:

* prom's new makefile voodoo has been merged for the 'firmware' directory,
  this means we now have proper dependency tracking in our builds, as well
  as support for multiple board builds

* the compiled elf/map/bin/... files are now in board/compal_{e88,e99},
  rather than in the main directory.

* the firmware now uses the real libosmocore (and its linuxlist, msgb,...)
  code.  No more code duplication, and one step closer to easy migration
  of the layer23 code into the firmware at some later day.

* lots of minor changes here and there have been introduced to reduce number
  of compiler warnings.

* l1ctl messages (L1 <-> L2/L3) communication has changed a little bit,
  it now includes only the frame number and not a full 'struct gsm_time'.
  This is important for anyone who has his own ocde to talk to the L1!

I hope this was the last time we've had such an amount of changes, especially
to the build system.

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