Sylvain Munaut 246tnt at
Tue Mar 9 16:03:45 UTC 2010

>> so apdus will be exchanged through the serial link with the phone.
>> It may be nice to have a pcsclite driver to drive the sim card in the phone.
>> Then we'll be able to use a SIM cards connected to the real phone, or a ccid
>> smart card reader connected to the PC running the layer2/layer3, using the
>> same API.
> Yes, I like that idea, and we can easily use yet another of our HLDC
> data link connections for this.
> However, it seems almost like a bit of over-engineering to me to go a
> far as to support PC/SC.  Sure, it's a cool hack, and if somebody has
> an interest in it and some time to spare.

I would do it the other way around.
Make sure that all call from layer 3 are in the form of  " apdu_xfer(in,out); "

Then implementing this apdu_xfer either using :
 . A HLDC data link to the real phone
 . A PCSC reader (the api allows for raw apdu exchange very easily)
 . A bare serial link to one of those cheap card reader
 . The SIM api directly when running inside the phone.


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