dexter zero-kelvin at
Tue Mar 9 14:12:47 UTC 2010

Hi folks.

I have now getting interrupts and i am sending the first little APDUs to 
the card. I think i will have something that basicly works soon. But up 
to now i think it will be impossible to save processing time during the 
transmission - wait phases without having semaphores (or something 
semilar that can be used to wait for an event without wasting processing 
time in a while loop.) However - this only makes sense with a 
multitasking os which we actually do not have ;-)

The driver will get a function like sim_card_transceive(*message, 
*response) or so on because a transaction with the card will never be 
receive or send only. You always send something to the card and you 
always get something back.

The response and answer apdu structures will be the same as in XCOS and 
i think i can reuse a lot of the good old XCOS header files that contain 
basic constants, returncodes ect...

Thanks a lot to roh who showed me how i can register an interrupt.


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