RFC: updated Wireshark patch

Jason osmocom at lakedaemon.net
Thu Mar 4 17:36:42 UTC 2010

Harald Welte wrote:
> hi jason,
> On Thu, Mar 04, 2010 at 12:39:02AM -0500, Jason wrote:
>> All,
>> I found some low-hanging fruit.  :-)  Attached is an updated patch
>> against the latest wireshark trunk svn.  It incorporates all of the
>> requested changes in the bug comments [1].
> First of all, thanks - but

no problem.

> I already had done that but not committed/submitted as some other
> changes (gsmtap v 0x02) were pending.  there are some minor bugs left
> that I'll hopefully resolve later today.

I pulled your latest changes.  The only outstanding items I can see from the wireshark side of the house is removal of the .h and s/SUB_/GSMTAP_SUB_/g.  I'll let those changes ride in my local branch and send them only if you ask.  I'm certainly not trying to step on toes, just trying to learn.

> It is a good idea to post to this list before you take on some task,
> this way we can avoid duplication of work...

Yeah, it wasn't much work.  Maybe a half-hour or so.  It was one of those problems where I was done before the thought crossed my mind about coordination.  That, and I was using it more as a driving problem to start familiarizing myself with the guts of GSM.  It seemed like a good entry point.  Plus, I found the wireshark.svn/doc/README.developer fascinating wrt compiler subtleties.  

I'll keep poking along (especially once the C123 arrives) and see if I can find a gap to more formally fill.  



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