Steve Markgraf steve at
Tue Mar 9 15:31:27 UTC 2010


Harald Welte wrote:

> Anyone can get an account by sending me an e-mail requesting it.  We've
> just already had our share with wikispam and I think the number of
> poeple who are involved in the project and thus need an account is
> really small.

So then it would be nice if you could create an account for me, since I
would like to change some things on the C155 and J100i pages, especially 
regarding the used display controllers and ringtone chips.

Currently I am working on a display driver for the J100i, and I have 
done some experimental work on the ringtone chip in the C155 and J100i.

I thought the commandset used on the SPMA100 and the MX chip were 
similar, but I was wrong, since I found out that they are completely 
different. I wrote some testing code to "scan" scan registers of both 
chips, which I will commit later in a drivers-experimental branch.

At least I can turn and off the speaker in the J100i, and hear some 
analog noise ;)

I also have some changes to the UWire driver to create a proper 
chip-select, which is needed by the display of the J100i, and in the 
next days I will add some init files for the C140 and J100i, moving 
redundant code to the board/common folder.


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