TS M30 files processing

Hopsing K hopsingk at gmail.com
Mon Mar 1 21:48:39 UTC 2010

I was preparsing the TS M30g smStack a bit and
came out with something like this:
http://netplugin.sourceforge.net/  ++append+next++
(please concat the two url parts).
I wondered weather I could support this project a
bit by processing some more of the TS M30 files.
However somebody has to tell me which ones are the
relevant files to take into account. (Another limitation is
the sourceforge mysql db limit...) Description on how
to navigate:
 - Press on macros to expand
 - Press on expanded macro names for "definition"/place+view
 - "[<]" shrink macro expansion

  Also some hint:
  Isnt there a software only way to run the stack:
  Put even Layer1 on the PC ? Then connect
  directly to BTC software? Kind off skip the messy
  embedded thing altogether for development.

-- Gruesse HopsingK
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