more c118 testing

Ingo Albrecht prom at
Mon Mar 1 18:43:25 UTC 2010

chekov wrote:
> hi,
> i'd like to do some more c118 testing.
> the only tool i further got to work was l1test.bin[1].
> the others were downloaded correctly but ended up /blue/ :)
> is it worth the time to make some tests with older object-code-versions?
> otherwise i will investigate what happens to compal_dump.bin[1], because
> this one answers with some "Dropping sample" lines.
> attachments:
>  [1] l1test.bin.txt
>  [2] compal_dump.bin.txt

That looks fine!

I never adjusted the dumper to the new console protocol.

What you are seeing is osmocon being confused about plain text coming
out of the device. Other apps should work.


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