AW: status layer 3

Andreas.Eversberg Andreas.Eversberg at
Mon Mar 8 11:03:20 UTC 2010


my last mail was written yesterday and somehow sent today.

meanwhile i decided to work with GIT for the following reasons:

- working with others parallel on L3
- faster solving of issues. solving before finishing the code.
- backup (even loss of one weekend's work would be a great loss of

i will try the GIT tonight...

anyway here is my first issue:

the messages between layer 3 (radio ressource) and layer 2 have
primitives starting with DL_*.
e.g. DL_RANDOM_ACCESS_REQ is used to send a CHANNEL REQUEST on the RACH.
and DL_ESTABLISH_REQ is used to establish a layer 2 link on SDCCH or
both messages carry layer 3 messages, like CHANNEL REQUEST or LOCATION
UPDATE REQUEST. using msgb between layer 2 and 3 is not enough, because
i need to exchange additional informations with layer 2. these are the
primitives themselves, and in case of DL_ESTABLISH_REQ the channel
information for frequency, channel type, slot, ect.

my current solution is to use a structure with primitive type and all
additional informations and a pointer to the attached layer 3 message,
if there is actually one message. (not yet immplemented, but already
implemented at mncc interface in openbsc.)

to prevent function call loops, i use a queue in the upward direction,
so the structure with the message is copied into a msbg and added to the
queue. (remember that this message may carry another layer 3 message)

is there a better (simpler) way?



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