AW: status layer 3

Andreas.Eversberg Andreas.Eversberg at
Mon Mar 8 08:42:56 UTC 2010

hi harald,

as i am still working on RR MM and CC layer, it seems to be more complicated as i thought. remember all the messages in 04.08? but most problem is that i must first understand it all. i get more and more knowledge about it while reading it. i started implementing some parts, but most parts i do not understand yet. as i know from earlier project, it requires exact knowledge of every bit to do it right.

when i am finished, i will tell you as soon as possible, but i think it takes some more weeks. anyway, there will be many issues then. as i can see, there the layer 2 and layer 1 will also be not that easy too. e.g. layer 2 must process channel descriptions to connect to the right channel and the right configurations and mode. also when i am finished, i will need to solve some coding issues, like message flow, queueing (to prevent message loops), and structures for subscriber data, telephone settings and system informations. as soon i am finished, i will make a list of remaining unsolved issues. 

and finally gsm 03.22 (selecting and changing cells) must also wants to be implemented.

if you like to be aware of what i am doing, just watch my code base. it is live, so every time i do a write, it will be available at:



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