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> Hello,
> * Harald Welte <laforge at> [2010-03-17 14:48]:
> > e.g. want to hand out our own SIM cards at an event like a CCC congress
> > or HAR2009 ?  In that case, we would have to cut hundreds of cards
> > manually, not a really great exercise.  I personally like roh's proposal
> > for using the CNC to create our own punching tool sooner or later.
> what do you think about this tool:

This tool is awesome! It would save a lot of time!

> An other question: Is it not possible to buy SIM cards finish cutted?

It's more difficult that finding plain cards.

I just "invented" a device that should be quite easy to build from DIY store
parts. Do you understand the "schematic" . operation is as follows:

-a wood block with an indentation that holds a full card in place.
-two covers (wood blocks) with cutter blades that can be rotated so that the
blades cut the card with pressure.
I did not find a way to arrange four blades in a rectangle, so the cut can
be done in two steps. Two tools can be built, each one with a task, so that
one people makes the first cuts, while a second one can make the other cuts.
The result is a small rectangle, the edge can be cut easily with a third
step with a blade at 45° or with cissors.

Just my vapor-hardware for today...

Building ideas:

blades: (seems light
to cut a card with pressure only, but worth a try.)


These can be found everywhere I think.

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