AW: Some L1 status updates

Andreas.Eversberg Andreas.Eversberg at
Wed Jun 23 11:21:42 UTC 2010

>  - layer23 doesn't currently filter much the IMM.ASS it receives so
> you may end up on a channel that's not yours ... beware.

hi sylvain,

what do you mean with "much"? i filter the channel with the channel
request number (includes random number) in the IMM.ASS message. maybe in
the future we can filter the time slot where it was sent (RACH confirm)
and compare it also. but this requires RACH confirm with GSM time where
it was sent.


@harald: is there any time stamp in the RACH confirm? what format would
it be?

.... from the IMM.ASS parsing:

       /* ignore assignment while idle */
        if (rr->state != GSM48_RR_ST_CONN_PEND || !rr->wait_assign) {
                LOGP(DRR, LOGL_INFO, "Not for us, no request.\n");
                return 0;

        /* request ref */
        if (gsm48_match_ra(ms, &ia->req_ref)) {
                /* channel description */
                memcpy(&rr->cd_now, &cd, sizeof(rr->cd_now));
                /* timing advance */
                rr->cd_now.ta = ia->timing_advance;
                /* mobile allocation */
                memcpy(&rr->cd_now.mob_alloc_lv, &ia->mob_alloc_len,
                        ia->mob_alloc_len + 1);
                rr->wait_assign = 0;
                return gsm48_rr_dl_est(ms);
        LOGP(DRR, LOGL_INFO, "Request, but not for us.\n");

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