Building Osmocom

Joerg Albert jal2 at
Sun Jun 6 13:28:01 UTC 2010

On 06/06/2010 07:47 AM, Zaki Ud Din wrote:

> I am a little new to ubuntu and am trying to build osmocom-bb but i am
> facing some problems in doing so. I found your emial address in the .c
> files present in the Osmocom-bb folder. I have downloaded the GNU
> toolchain for ARM which is the first step in building Osmocom. But I am
> not able to understand the second step in which I have to set a path to
> include the arm-elf-* executables of the toolchain. Would you please
> help me on this?

Try in a terminal window (Applications/Accessory/Terminal):

export PATH=path_to_the_arm_elf_bin:$PATH

with path_to_the_arm_elf_bin is the path to the arm-elf-* executables downloaded previously, e.g.

export PATH=/mnt/tools/gcc-arm/selfmade/bin:$PATH

Call "make" afterwards in this terminal window.
The set PATH is restricted to the terminal window.


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