Running osmocombb on a Motorol C118

Steve Markgraf steve at
Thu Jul 1 22:45:19 UTC 2010


At 01.07.2010 23:37, Maciej Grela wrote:

> Here are the steps I'm taking:
> 1. Run osmocom:
> 2. Press power on the phone.

Before step 2, start the upper layer application, e.g. 

> 3. Phone boots and downloads code from osmocon (this code lands in RAM
> I presume)

Right, the code is loaded to the internal SRAM of the Calypso DBB.

> What is the layer1 firmware supposed to do now ? I've tried to run
> layer23/bcch_scan and layer23/layer23 but they don't print any
> messages and so does the firmware itself. I'm under the impression
> that the firmware freezes. Have you tested the firmware on a C118
> phone ? I will try to find out why it's freezing but maybe I'm missing
> something obvious ?

Basically layer23, bcch_scan and mobile wait for the layer1 reset 
message, thus have to be started before powering on the phone.


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