Ingo Albrecht prom at
Sat Feb 27 20:21:44 UTC 2010

Hi everyone

Without further introduction and in a similar manner to laforge's last
mail I would like to note that I am working on a bootloader that will
allow for larger binaries in RAM and flexible flashing.

To avoid troublesome interaction between the Calypso bootrom (which we
use for interrupt redirection) and CFI support, I have decided to go for
an interrupt-less approach. So don't be surprised to see me committing a
polling mode to fundamental drivers (keypad, uart) sometime soon.
Luckily, the required changes are trivial.

I'll push my branch sometime soon, just dropping a line to keep everyone
informed. Feel free to drop a line in case you are interested in other
flash-based tasks like hammering out linkage details and implementing
some kind of filesystem.


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