[airprobe-main] Cell phone tracking using ss7 hlr lookups

Valerio, Danilo valerio at ftw.at
Fri Feb 26 10:54:23 UTC 2010

On Thursday 25 February 2010 20:50:54 Karsten Nohl wrote:
> Yes, every telco company and VoIP provider with SS7 access in the  
> world always knows where you are. Scary.

A small OT with this (maybe stupid and privacy-unaware) question:

- Why would telco companies be interested in your location with an accuracy of hundreds (or even thousands) sq. Kilometers?
(note that most of the MSC datasheets declare to support millions of subscribers)

> Creating the {MSC -> location} mapping database would be a very  
> worthwhile exercise. The data collection would have to happen from  
> phones. Either we create an application for one of the popular phone  
> platforms (Symbian, Android, iPhone). Anybody on the list knows if  
> these phones expose the MSC number to application software?

Assuming you have access to the SS7,
you can get MSC areas by just picking up hundreds of telephone number from city X and see with which MSC the network responds for most of them.
There was something like this in the ppt from Tobias Engel.


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