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On Sat, Feb 27, 2010 at 03:05:00AM +0000, Tiago Maluta wrote:

> After opened the C200 I noticed that this model (marketed in Brazil)
> isn't a Compal ODM series but manufactured here in Brazil, I take one
> picture. and added an
> note for each CI.

HERCROMC200 is a relative of the Calypso chipset (HERCROM400G2).  We don't
know many details, but I would assume they are 95-98% identical from a
software point of view.

The TWL3012 is a bit old, I have only heard of TWL3014/16/25 so far.  However,
the TSM30 source code include support for many predecessors - they are just not
called by their name, so it will likely be trial+error to find out.

The RF3140 is only a power amplifier, not much to be done from the software
to support it.

What I'm more worried about is the part you have marked as 4dtoc8, which
must be what is the Rita/TRF6151 in the c1xx design.  Can you remove the metal
part on top and take a photograph of it?

> I've searched for this part numbers but didn't get much information, I
> think this model wouldn't be useful to the project, I'll take a look
> to one compatible one. :p

Definitely, to get started with our code, you should use a phoen that
is already supported - unless you have a lot of experience with low-level
bring up of ARM microcontrollers and boot loader reverse engineering.

But in a later step, trying to reproduce the C1xx results on the C200
would of course be very interesting and exciting!

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