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Hi Sébastien.

> congrats for your awesome research and work, this is truly impressive.
> The little ant that I am (compared to you) was interested in helping you
> with the SIM aspects of the project. I think I know javacard sufficiently to
> implement a basic sim card that can be totally controlled. I already started
> to think on how to do that. This will include making host side tools, too.
> If javacard is not open enough, we can also look at native cards using PIC,
> for example. In our previous discussions, the main problem was the
> availability of SIM sized cards, be them javacards or not.
> pros and cons
> - javacard is an industry standard, coupled with GlobalPlatform specs this
> is a portable way to put an application on a card without being locked with
> a card manufacturer.
> - native PIC cards benefit from a lot of open tools such as the gp* PIC
> tools, asm, sdcc for compiler and gpsim for simulation.
> - some projects exists already, I don't know them well, maybe they can be
> used, forked, improved.
> - availability must be checked.
> I'd like to request precisions on how the things should be done, what are
> the minimal requirements (files, etc) and when the openSim project will be
> needed regarding to your progress.

I only want to say that i am courrently drive a semilar project. I have
developed a smartcard O/S for Atmel-Cards (license is GPL, of cause....)

Currently i am working on a simcard implementation. Currently my simcard
can process SELECT commands (but not READ BINARY & Co so far).

The download link leads to the current release (which does not include
my simcard source). If you are intereted to see the source of my
unfinished sim project i can make it available.

I can not say when my simcard gets finished because there are a lot of
other important (and sometimes more interesting) things to do.

Best regards.

> Regards
> Sebastien

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